It seems like the US is slowly steaming up for the first time in 2006 housing sales are up and finding your home has never been easier. The market is 4.4 % higher than last year. With an improving market new construction is on the rise.

With low mortgage rates and lower unemployment numbers there are less number of homes that are available to people and you have to find out what your options are for buying a house.

We are seeing that the tide is changing. Builders are starting to build again and that means there could be a drive for more housing sales. Boise Idaho is the frontrunner for new homes in the nation.

Its still hard to get a mortgage right now if you have bad credit because mortgage lenders still have strict rules about who can be approved for a home loan. There are still other options to help you get into a house that is affordable and rent to own houses can be the right move.

With the moves that lenders are making with home loans if they keep up the high standards we may see the real estate market get out of its recession but that's no promise. The best thing that you can do to buy a home is find a local real estate agent that can help you find an affordable house.

Plan for a budget that works because it can get sticky if your home does fall into foreclosure because the lender will have to keep the strict approval rules in effect longer and you might be swimming for other options. Buying a house is all about purchasing a home that you can afford more than a house that you want. We can help you get both with a serious real estate expert.

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They ripped me off, ran away with my salary ; I work for them for 1 week and saw how they scam people that are dreaming about having a house


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